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What Kind of Jobs Are Included in the Directory?

At HappyAnt, our Online auction service is for tradespeople, service providers, and service customers across Canada. Our directory includes a wide variety of businesses and skilled workers, like:

  • builders
  • plumbers
  • welders
  • tutors
  • painters
  • personal trainers or fitness coaches
  • house cleaners
  • general handypersons
  • movers
  • carpenters
  • electricians
  • gardeners
  • beauticians
  • janitors

How Does HappyAnt Work?

  1. First, users must create a login and password on our site.
  2. Next, customers provide a brief description of what type of job is needed and what they are willing to pay.
  3. Businesses or tradespeople respond by suggesting a price for the job they would like to bid on.
  4. Customers can easily compare skills, ratings, services, and prices from companies across Canada, before selecting the right business or tradesperson.
  5. Hire the right individual, or find the ideal job, and start getting things done!
Free and simple to use

Quick Start

Simple & Free one-click registration. Intuitive user-friendly interface.

Carefully verified tradesmen

Online Job Auction System

Get more customers and offer your work for the price that you consider right.

Advanced rating system

Advanced Review System

Detailed review and rating system based on other users experince.

Look for tradesmen who are close to you

In Your Location

Find professionals or job offers near your location.

Carefully verified tradesmen

No Monthly Payments

Payments are released only for completed transactions.

Look for tradesmen who are close to you

Mobile First

Use HappyAnt on a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

What Are the Benefits of HappyAnt?

Easy to Use

HappyAnt makes finding or advertising a job easy. With a one-click registration, and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, you will find what you need in no time.

Hiring and Being Hired on Your Own Terms.

Finally, a system that allows you to pay or be paid what you consider a fair wage! Get more customers, and offer your work for a price you consider right.

Advanced Review System

HappyAnt makes selecting the right person, business, or employer easy by providing a detailed review and rating system based on other users’ experience. Our goal is to help you make the right choice.

Find Local Professionals and Job Offers.

Our system is designed to find job offers and professionals in your designated area, so you won’t waste time sifting through advertisements on the other side of the country.

No Monthly Payments

With HappyAnt, you don’t have to worry about writing us a cheque every month, or a mysterious automatic payment coming out of your bank account.

Compatible with Most Devices.

HappyAnt can be used on a laptop, computer, tablet or compatible smartphone, so you can find jobs, or look for professionals anywhere in the world.

Are you looking for a job or searching for a professional? HappyAnt will do it for you!

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Find a Job in Canada with HappyAnt’s Reliable Online Job Auction Service

Are you searching for a job or looking to hire a professional? HappyAnt has everything you need. We are an Online Canadian job board site eager to assist you, whether you are looking for employment, or an employer. With a comprehensive listing of reputable Canadian businesses, we ensure you will find a superior job or employee, every time you use our search engine.

At HappyAnt, our focus is simplicity, speed, and efficiency. Our Online job auction service makes advertising your job with us easy. The best part? We do it for free! All you need is a brief description of your requirements, and what you are willing to pay—leave the rest to us! Once you have posted your description, you will soon receive quotes from professional businesses in your area. HappyAnt is compatible with laptops, computers, and smartphones.

HappyAnt is Canada’s best free job board helping individuals connect with customers and profitable professionals. Whether you are looking for a job, or searching for the ideal employee, our extensive database of jobs and professionals can help you find the best opportunities in your area. With no monthly fees, an easy-to-use system, and the ability to read and share past reviews, finding a job or business has never been easier. To learn more about our Online job auction service, contact us, or create your Online profile today.