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10 Ways to Save Money in Renovation a Kitchen

by HappyAnt on

10 Ways to Save Money in Renovation a Kitchen

10 Ways to Save Money in Renovation a Kitchen

Common kitchen renovation can be costly but still, many homeowners are willing to spend money on these projects considering all the benefits they can get not to mention the great improvements in the home’s interior particularly the kitchen area.

However, kitchen renovation should not be ultimately expensive. There are ways to help you save money but still get the best results that you need. The following are 10 suggested ways on how to save money on renovation of your kitchen:

1. Prepare Before You Start

Before doing anything else, you need to have a fixed plan. You seriously need to decide on everything that you wanted in your kitchen. One of the vital factors you need to deal with is your budget. It pays to know how much you are willing to spend in your kitchen renovation. Nevertheless, it is also a smart option to figure out great alternatives wherein you can also save money without compromising the quality of renovation results.

2. If Possible, Keep the Existing Good Cabinets

One way to save money in kitchen renovation is to keep existing cabinets if possible. If you cabinets are still of good quality and you really like their style, you can keep them. Resurfacing is also a great option. It is surely amazing how colors can completely transform your kitchen or how few strokes of paint can give more life to your once was dull kitchen space. Painting and resurfacing are both cost effective options that yields to beautiful finish.

3. Avoid Delegating Easy Tasks and Stuff

If you’re paying for someone say for instance per hour, or you need to pay for the actual delivery costs, why not do simple chores yourself. This also goes with other easy and manageable tasks like pulling permits, cleaning, picking hard woods on the floor and more. Even if you hire professionals, you can save money on kitchen renovation if you do these things.

4. Opt for Open Shelving

Open shelves create interest on your space and you can save money out of this option as well. Using painted planks or salvaged woods coming from a local hardware store for unique shelving is actually a functional and cost effective option to properly display dishes. Open shelving definitely saves you money and though doing away with fitted cabinets all together can be tempting, open shelving remains an efficient and valuable when it comes to storage most especially of you got bigger kitchen and lots to pack in it.

5. Consider Alternative Materials for Countertops

There is actually broad range of countertops for you to choose from starting from recyclable products, solid surfaces, stone, tile up to concrete and more. But with costly price tags, this will surely drain your wallet. To save money, you can opt for alternative materials.

6. Keep Kitchen Appliances Where They Are

If you have plans of getting new cabinets, think of keeping your kitchen appliances where they originally are. Moving the electrical and the mechanics for these appliances is undeniably costly not to mention the ceiling on the floor underneath and walls that might need to be cut to expose mechanicals. These are actually that costs that numerous homeowners thin about when thinking or planning a kitchen renovation or remodeling.

7. Consider Track Lighting Rather than Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting can actually become a bigger project. The holes needed to be cut to the ceiling and the electrical wiring also needed to be added. There might be some hidden costs that come with repairs. In order to cut down costs, you can consider track lighting. There are many different shapes, finishes and styles to choose from. This gives off lots of lights which are vital when doing kitchen tasks.

8. Opt for Cutout Instead of Removing the Walls

Lots of homeowners prefer opening the space between their kitchen and the family room to be able to create open floor plan. When removing walls, there are various important things to consider. Does it include venting? Is it actually load bearing? Upon removing a wall, the ceiling, floor and other walls might need to be cut to and then repaired. Opting for cutout is proven to be a less expensive option. It does not just open a room but it also gives added countertop space and area for comfortable additional seating. Nevertheless, you still need to figure out and check on some factors like plumbing and mechanics. If the ceiling and the floor will not be repaired, then you can save money.

9. Hire Professionals

If you have not deal with kitchen renovation projects before, it is a good idea to work with the most qualified kitchen remodeling expert in the area. These remodelers are knowledgeable about the cost saving renovation options that you can take and can guide and assist you with your choices. Some may be bothered about the cost of paying for these experts for rendering their service. This should actually not be the case. The cost will be completely justified when you notice the most satisfying results.

10. Think About Doing Kitchen Renovation in Stages

If you are on a tight budget, you can choose to do some of the renovation projects on later time. This can actually help you in spreading out the renovation costs enabling you to save money for the next projects. This is also one helpful way of saving money in kitchen renovation.

If you are investing on home improvement projects, particularly kitchen renovation, you surely wanted to ensure that the results you will get will certainly add value into your home and save more money as well. Costs can add up quickly when you are renovating your kitchen so you need to be aware of the effective ways to save money on renovation projects.

Remember the ways suggested above to keep high costs in line and save money at the same time. Remember that you can still get the kitchen of your dreams even without spending that much.

If you really wanted to save money, choose the right kitchen remodelers or businesses. Visit This site can help you come up with the most informed decision.