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After Hail Damage Get Your Quotes with

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After Hail Damage Get Your Quotes with

Hail Damage

Dealing with hail damage is not exactly easy. Hail can do some serious damage and this means spending a lot of money on repairs and replacements. If a hail storm recently hit your area, getting a quote from repair companies is one of the most important things that you need to keep in mind. Get a quote with to determine which repair company you should pick. Here are some important things to remember when assessing your hail damage.

Gas Vents and Chimney

Metal rain and chimney caps can be damaged by hail stones. Aluminum gas vent covers can be crushed since they’re made of soft aluminum, but they can be replaced quickly. You should also check your chimneys to see if there are damages that should be fixed.


Gutters are usually made of aluminum and a hail storm can dent them easily. So, check the gutters for dents. Even the downspouts can be damaged during a storm with high winds. If there are small dents along the run of the downspouts and gutters, you should fix it right away.

HVAC Units

Your HVAC units may have dents on top, but this shouldn’t affect the performance of the unit. You need to look at the coils and fins. Air won’t flow properly if the fins are damaged. You should call a heating and cooling contractor to check your unit.


It is easy to see broken glass, but you should still check along the trim and sash for any damage. While there are various styles of windows, the vinyl trim is the most vulnerable to being broken during a hail storm. You should also check the window screens for any damage. Replace what needs to be replaced.


Your home’s cladding will determine the amount of time needed to inspect it. Vinyl siding can be broken, chipped or have a hole due to large hail stones. Homes made from brick and stone, however, are unlikely to experience such problems. Synthetic stucco doesn’t do well in hail storms. In case your home has synthetic stucco, you should look for holes and dents in your house. You cannot repair the synthetic stucco on your own, so getting a stucco contractor to fix it for you is the best thing to do. If the windows and stucco are damaged, you have to ensure that the seal between them is finished properly.


Hail storms can cause a lot of damage to your roof. The amount of damage is associated with the size of the hail as well as the duration of the storm. For instance, dime sized hail may do some damage. Hail stones are large as golf balls, however, will destroy your roof in just a few minutes. You have to get on a ladder to look for areas that were damaged by hail stones. If your roof is already old, it will have some uneven areas as well. If you see dents or missing roof tiles, you may need to fix or replace the entire roof.

Flashing and Outdoor Equipment

Aluminum flashing and wall intersections can be damaged by a hail storm. It cannot be easily repaired, so you need to get someone qualified to do the job for you. You should also check outdoor equipment such as your children’s play sets and grills for damage. If you have skylights, you should also check them properly. The aluminum frames are at risk of being severely damaged. Look for broken or cracked glass. If you have a plex-glass dome, you should check for small cracks.


The plants are often overlooked when checking for hail damage. If the shrubs and trees in your yard are severely damaged, you should call a professional to fix the damage for you. The plants may be sprayed with a fungicide to speed up the healing process and prevent further damage.

From body damage to cars to dented gutters and roofs, dealing with the damages left by a hail storm is never an exciting task. You should find a professional to help you repair your roof, car or other personal belongings that were damaged by the hail storm. can connect you with the right professionals. Get your quotes with !