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Choosing the Right Roof

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Choosing the Right Roof

Right Roof

Roof is an integral part of every home and since this is the part that is more susceptible to harsh exposures and damages, individuals have to make sure that they will obtain the most durable and reliable roofing system by means of choosing the right roof.

From natural products and materials, up to man-made products, there are many different styles and types of roof to choose from today more than ever before. While each type or style has its own sets of benefits and drawbacks, this can still add distinctive design elements into your home. So, which type or style of roof is really right for you?

Essential Things to Look for in the Best Roof

There are essential things to look for when choosing the right roof. These include but not limited to the following:

  • How long the roof can last?
  • Can it hold up in times of disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, typhoons and more?
  • Is it ultimately heavy for the current roof framing?
  • Does it have sufficient slope?
  • Does the roof complement the overall look of your home?
  • Is it a type allowed by building codes?
  • How much does the roof cost?

Choosing the Right Roof in Canada

If you are living in Canada and you’re planning to buy new roof, you will surely be surprised to know about the different roof styles available in this country for you to choose from. These choices include the following:

Composition or Asphalt Shingles

This is one of the most widely used roof style available in Canada. Commonly referred to as asphalt shingle, this roofing style comes in two common types yet differentiated by base materials. These consist of either fiber glass core or organic fiber mat. Each roof type is actually impregnated with asphalt and then coated with some mineral granules adding texture and color to the roof. Adhesive back carefully combined with tacks, staples and nails are the ideal fastening technique used. Shingles are also available in typical three-tab style or new architectural designs which replicate other roofing materials like slate or wood.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has also turned out to be one of the ideal choices for roofing style in Canada. During the earlier years, metal roofing was best used for slow slop structure but now, these are also being widely used even on steeper roofs. Metals are ultimately durable and practically speaking, these are heat reflective, non-flammable and maintenance free. Installed on sheets, metal roof will dissipate lighting strikes. For ultimately real visual impacts, copper roofs age to attractive roofing system.

Wood Roofing

Another popular style of roofing available in Canada is wooden roofing. There are actually two types available. One type is the shingles which are cut into particular size and have smooth finish. These shakes are rough textured and irregular. This also needs more maintenance in order to protect it against elements. The wood roofing is usually made from quality cedar. Some are even fire resistance in consideration with some areas with set local ordinances.

Built Up Roofing

The built up roofs can be installed on very low or flat sloping structures. These consist of the alternating layers of fiber glass or felt treated with asphalts. The layers are also topped with aggregate or asphalt. This type of roofing style is actually more ideal to commercial buildings.

Slate and Tile

These styles are considered the oldest roofing styles and materials available. Slate and tiles are durable and longer lasting and their weight actually requires reinforced roofing structure which can fully support them. Both of these materials are a bit expensive and are easy to install.

Style is Vital When Choosing the Right Roof

Aside from figuring out the different options available, style is also worth assessing and paying close attention for. These days, lots of roofing companies that can show you computerized images of what your home or place will look like with each and every roof style or surface. Colors also matter beyond the looks. You also need to check on you jurisdiction and see clearly the rules and regulations concerning roofing and more.

Check Out and Choose the Best Roofing Business

Once you have sort out your options and have finally chosen a particular roof style for your home or business in Canada, you might need to look for the best roofing business to get the job done right for you. Make sure that the business you choose will be able to help you experience enormous benefits out of the roof style you have chosen.

You can end up with a great roofing system if you have chosen the right roofing business. Allow us to help you decide which roofing business to choose. Visit and we will connect you to the best professionals.