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Cleaning Tips- How to Save Time

by HappyAnt on

Cleaning Tips- How to Save Time

We have all been in the situation where we just don’t feel like cleaning, but we know that it has to get done. HappyAnt has a solution for you. Cleaning doesn’t have to take all day, and these hacks can cut your cleaning down significantly.

1. Create a cleaning schedule

Don’t try to finish everything in one day. Not everything has to get cleaned every week. If you try to split up the cleaning into seldom cleaning and often cleaning, it might help getting much more done. For example, if cleaning the bathroom is an often-cleaning task for you, the make sure to get that done first. If cleaning out the refrigerator is a seldom cleaning task, try to plan out a day where you know that you are able to clean it.

2. Make a To Do list

Making a to do list can be very helpful when cleaning. Write down all the areas and things you plan to clean that day, so you can see it visually. This will help you realize what you have to get done, and will also help manage time. Make sure to keep track of what you have already cleaned by checking off all the tasks you have completed as you clean.

3. Shut out distraction

It is very easy to get distracted when cleaning. Put away your phone, turn off the TV, and try not to call while cleaning. If calling is necessary, use wireless headphones instead. This will ensure that the task gets done. If music is also a distraction, silence it or consider turning on music that will not take your focus away from getting the task done.

4. Put everything away before you vacuum

Before you plan to vacuum, make sure everything is in the right place and the house is generally clean before you vacuum. Dusting before vacuuming is important as well since the dust particles can spread out and end up on the floor.

5. Stay focused on one task

When staying focused on one task, you can get the task done much quicker and easier. If you try to clean here and there, you will find yourself not getting as much done than if you dedicate your time to one task.

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