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House Repairs and Home Maintenance Tips

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House Repairs and Home Maintenance Tips from

Now that you’ve moved into your new home, it’s your responsibility to keep it maintained. Routine maintenance will make your home operate at highest efficiency, look better and last longer before major repairs occur. Most home maintenance you can do yourself. As a matter of fact, a lot of what qualifies as maintenance you may already be doing. Here are some of the house repairs and home maintenance tips.

  • Clean the house - This counts as routine maintenance. Dust and dirt can damage the finish on cabinets. Debris, sand and dirt tracked in can ruin carpeting or floors if it’s not taken care of right away. Anywhere that dirt can build up, it can take hold and create stains that are hard to get rid of.
House Repairs and Home Maintenance Tips

  • Test batteries - All homes should have a fire alarm and a carbon monoxide detector. Keep these devices free of dust and check their batteries every month to make sure they’re still working.

  • Clean gutters - Keeping leaves, sticks, and other debris out of the gutters help prevent water from backing up and damaging your siding or roof. Clean your gutters twice a year especially if you have lots of falling leaves or you notice that the water is backing up.

  • Check the exterior - It is important that once a year you conduct a visual inspection of the outside of your home. Look for chips in the paint, cracks in the siding or gaps between doors and windows and repair those before they let in pests or the elements. Check the roof for missing shingles or tiles or areas where water could get in. Check the flashing around the chimney and roof and make sure it’s in good condition. Make sure that the water is draining away from your house and not towards to your house.

  • Check any air filters - Replace any air filters annually to keep air flowing freely in your home. Clogged filters can force the A/C or heater to work harder to keep airflow going, which can strain the system over time.
Air filters

  • Vacuum - Along with routine cleaning, some areas need special attention. For example, the clothes dryer vent should be regularly inspected and cleaned to prevent house fires from starting due to lint build-up. You should also vacuum your refrigerator coils to help the appliance run more efficiently.
  • Repair leaks - Replace or repair leaky faucets to save on water. Check your pipes regularly for leaks.
Repairing Leak Instrument

  • Trim trees - Keep trees trimmed back so the branches don’t scrape against the siding or fall on the house during a storm.
Trim trees

  • Caulk - Check the caulk around your tubs, showers and sinks. Make sure it is clean, with no gaps. Even tiny gaps can let water in which can travel into walls and subfloors, leading to mildew, mold or rot.

These inspections and minor repairs are intended to help prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones. Allow us to help you decide the right business to choose. Visit and we will connect you to the best professionals.