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Moving Tips to Make Your Move Much Easier

by HappyAnt on

Moving Tips to Make your Move Much Easier

Whether you plan moving across the wold, city, province, town or even across the street, moving can be stressful. That’s why we all need a helping hand in these times. We have some moving tips for you to make sure your move goes by smoothly and quickly.

1. Make a to do list and schedule the best moving day

When moving, you have a million things that are running through your mind and a million things that you need to remember. You cant go wrong with a to do list. Write down things that are important to remember or things that you need to pack. That way you wont forget anything! Try to also schedule a good moving day. If you plan to hire professionals that will help you move, try to plan out a day that is not as busy for you or the moving company.

2. Donate or sell stuff!

When going through things that we want to take with us, we usually find items that we haven’t used in years, or even things that we forgot we had. These things can be donated or sold. This will also take care of making sure your new place is not as crowded with stuff, and it also means that there is less packing for you to do! You can start off by finding your closest thrift store to donate clothes you no longer wear . Consider selling things you don’t want anymore online or try finding someone that would love to buy that item form you.

3. Don’t cram your packing!

If packing is a stressful thing for you, and you know you have a lot to pack, don’t cram it the day before moving day. Start packing ahead of time so you don’t rush to pack everything in one day. You can start packing things like clothes you don’t plan to wear, books you don’t plan to read, decorative items and things that are not something you are going to use before you move. This will take a weight off your shoulders and will make sure that you have enough time to pack last minute items if you have any.

4. Pack the things you will need right away in more noticeable boxes in an area where they will be easy to get from

Pack the things you will need at the new place right away in a more noticeable box/bin. If you are using a moving truck, don’t put those necessary things at the front of the truck where you will need to dig through everything first before getting to those. When taking them into your new home, put them in a separate room/area where you will find them easily. Doing this, can make you feel more comfortable and at home at the new place.

5. Label, Label, Label!

Grab a marker, and label the boxes and what thing they contain in them. You can label things like: what items are inside, what room the items belong in, fragile or not, and if the box needs to be unpacked right away for use or doesn’t have to be worried about unpacking right at the moment. Make sure you are able to read and how you label or else it could be hard to figure out!:) Make sure that when you are packing you always have a marker or a labeling tool by your side so its easy to access.

6. Invest in packing tape

Consider using packing tape instead of regular tape. If packing tape is not available to you, the second best choice would be clear tape or duct tape. For more fragile and delicate boxes, use stronger tape to make sure its secure and well packed.

7. Protect fragile items with soft items that will protect from breakage

Dishes, vases, and other delicate items that need to handled with extra care can be wrapped with towels and bubble wrap. You can wrap, stuff it inside, put it in between items, whatever keeps those things protected. Make sure to also label the box with FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH EXTRA CARE so its clear.

8. Move the Heaviest items into the truck first

Try to move the heaviest items like sofas, couches, tables, shelves and other items into the truck first. This will make sure that they don’t shift as much as they are being sandwiched and pushed by other boxes and items. This will also help you figure out the arrangement of the boxes so they all fit into the moving truck.

9. Use the hanger trick

This trick can be very useful when packing up all your clothes. Instead of taking off all the clothes off your hangers, keep them on there! Place all your clothes (with the hangers included) from your closet into a large garbage bag and gather all your hangers by either poking holes through the garbage bag or tying the hangers together with an elastic band.

10. Hire Professionals who will help you out

Moving is a Teamwork activity. Reach out for help to friends, family, and professionals who will do the best job. Need to find the best professional in your area that is able to help out? Use for that! If you plan to move, visit to find the best professionals in your area that are willing to help you out! If you are a professional, make sure people know you are offering to service with!

Now that you have packed everything and are ready to change locations, its time to move! Good luck! Don’t forget to visit to find the best professionals in your area to help you out!