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Pantry organizing tips

by HappyAnt on

Pantry organizing tips

We all know how messy and unorganized a pantry can get, but with these tips and tricks on how to organize your pantry will make it so much easier to organize and will prevent the pantry from getting super messy!

1. Get some Baskets

Keep organization simple with baskets/bins. You can pack more items onto the shelf and these matching storage basket/bins look way organized compared to usually multicolored chaos. Try to organize them by item type to get easier access to items you need.

2. Get contact paper

This will make sure that your pantry looks more neat and will make sure that nothing falls through the slots if you have slotted shelves!

3. Invest in clear containers and labels

Whether its wheat, rice, sugar, or oats, transfer them in clear food containers and add labels to the front for a nicer look. Flat containers stack easily to take advantage of every bit of space in a pantry.

4. Use a shoe organizer

The organizer adds at least a shelf’s worth of extra storage to your pantry. Store spices, sprays, and other small utensils in the different slots.

5. Get a rotating spice rack

Your spices will be organized, and fun and easy to access without making a mess. Instead of pushing and storing all your spices you use for cooking up in a corner, consider investing in a rotating spice rack to make life easier. This will also clear up some extra space in your pantry!

6. Install a peg board on a free wall so its easy to access pans

This may only work with pantries that have a lot of space and a free wall, but if you have a small pantry, get some hooks that you can hang your pans on as well. This will ensure that your pans are not cluttered in one space and are easy to reach

7. Use the door to your advantage

If you add door racks to the inside side of the door of the pantry, there is a lot of things you can hang up like oven mitts, towels and aprons. Make sure to get some door racks and test out what works best for you.

8. Organize juice boxes, water bottles and other drinks

When buying drinks in boxes and bottles, make sure to take them out of the clear packaging and put them somewhere separate form the food where they are easy to access for you and your family.

9. Use pull out drawers for under shelves!

This is a game changer especially if you are not a big fan of messes. Place one or two pull out drawers under the shelves and that will prevent the pantry from looking empty and unorganized. Plus, it makes everything so much easier! These drawers are especially good for storing lunch supplies for your kids and other things.

10. Organize your shopping bags

Make sure that the bags are located in an accessible spot and easy to reach. You can fold, hang, or even come up with a shopping bag system that works for you.

Alright, now that you have read all these tips, its time to organize and clean. The process may be long and tiring, so let HappyAnt help you out. Hire a professional in your area that will hep you get the job done!