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Several advantages and distinctions of our service

by HappyAnt on
Advantages and Disadvantages of Happyant

Welcome to Online Job Auction “”. We have tried very hard so you could feel good here. Only then we have an opportunity to see you visit us again and again. Here you have a great chance to find a good professional or extend your customer base. differs a lot from our competitors. Below we have listed several advantages and distinctions of our service:

  • We have no monthly payments. In our project, a professional/service provider does not buy a pig in a poke. Payment is made only for a concluded transaction. HappyAnt company does not target to “gain profit” from clients without giving them a guarantee to earn money themselves. We have set a goal to ourselves: only then we are happy, when our client is also happy.
  • You do not have to create a second account in order to use our service as a customer and a professional at the same time. Your Unified business & customer account is well thought out from the beginning, convenient for using all the opportunities we have to offer.
  • A professional/service provider, as well as an ordinary user, does not sign a contract with . You choose when, where and with whom you want to work yourselves. HappyAnt Company is sure that our people should have total freedom and not be limited by anything. Only in this case they can be happy.
  • Everyone is equal here. Each registered user of our project enjoys the same level of all the rights and privileges. Everyone can achieve the same success.
  • Our system is transparent. We have no hidden motives or obligations written in small print. We are honest with our clients from the beginning.
  • HappyAnt Company works according to Online Job Auction system. It is here that you as a professional have a chance to get more customers and to offer your work for the price that you consider right, and you as an ordinary user are free to choose a professional/service provider without obliging yourself by any conditions or contracts. It often happens that the price offered by the tradesman in the process of healthy competition can be even lower than the employer was ready to pay.
  • HappyAnt is a Canadian company. We contribute as much as we can to the economy of our country. Our taxes are paid in Canada.
  • As opposed to our competitors, in our project the professional/service provider pays just a little percentage of the contract concluded with the customer. We do not have prepayment or monthly fees. From the very beginning each user (both a customer and a tradesman) gets all the opportunities offered by us fully and without limits.
  • Our website is very easy to use. We have designed a simple and clear interface. Any function on our website can be used intuitively. Still, despite the simplicity of our service, our programmers have used most modern technologies (- Real-time search, - Double-click start (via Social Logins), Modern interface, which allows to manipulate data without rebooting the page, and many other things).
  • Our website is available for control on any device convenient for you. Whether it is a personal computer, a laptop, or a smartphone. It is very convenient for those who do not have an opportunity to use the computer very often.
  • For the sake of your comfort, we also thought about geolocation. In our system, you can find a professional/service provider or a customer in any geographic area convenient for you. It is especially convenient for those who want to find a professional/service provider or customer in their own vicinity.
  • In our project, you will see a transparent system of assessment and honest evaluation from users. All of it is possible due to our simple and clear system of reviews and ratings.