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The #1 Trending Paint Colour of 2020

by HappyAnt on

Top Paint Colour for 2020

Is your favourite colour blue? Cause if it is then you are in luck! The colour blue is considered to be the painting colour of 2020 according to the Pantone Colour institute. If you are wondering on how you can include the colour blue in your painting, make sure to keep reading and find out!

1. Chose your shade of Blue

First off, there are a ton of blue shades, so make sure to chose the one that fits you and your home best. This will make you still be trendy and classy. Here are some of the shades of blue you may want to consider

Light Blue/ Baby Blue: Such a calm colour. This color would be perfect to paint a wall in a nursey, or a bathroom wall. The colour light blue usually associates with healing, tranquility, peace, softness and understanding.

Navy Blue: One of the darkest shades of blue, but is such a beautiful accent colour! Navy blue is great as it goes with many rooms of your house if you want a colour that stands out. It goes well with the colours grey and white. Navy blue is a colour that represents importance, confidence, power, intelligence and stability.

Teal: Looking for a shade of blue that will doubtlessly make a statement? Teal is the colour you are looking for. It’s a darker shade of blue and will catch your eye the second you walk into the room. This colour communicates communication and clarity, as well as calmness.

Turquoise: Turquoise has been on top or close to the top of the colour trend list for the past few years. Its mixed with a slight green. If you are looking for a brighter shade of blue, this is the colour you are looking for. The colour Turquoise expresses a lot of meaning which include energy, wisdom, calmness, patience, tranquility and loyalty to name a few.

Pale Blue: This is one of the lighter shades of blue. You may even think it’s a light grey at first, but take a second look, cause its actually a pale blue! This colour will definitely make your furniture pop more and will not take the attention off of anything in the room since it doesn’t stand out that much.

These are just some ideas and shades of blue. There are so many more! We challenge you to get out and experiment with some of the shades to find just the perfect fit for you and for your home.

2. Find good colour matches!

Now that you have chosen the perfect shade of blue, you are ready to match and experiment with other colours. We have chosen some of our favourite colour matches that we hope you will consider adding to your home!

Blue and White: you can never go wrong with the simple blue and white. We recommend matching a darker shade of blue ( like navy blue) with white. The dark navy blue makes the white stand out causing the whole room to seem bright and modern. Adding this to your kitchen, room or even front door, will make you seem like a trendy person and will make your household look more modern and brighter.

Blue and Grey: another colour match that will make you seem trendy. These two colours are good if you don’t want the room to stand out too much but still want the room to look nice and put together. If you don’t want to add a blue colour to a bright coloured room like white, the next best option would be grey.

Navy blue, White and Blush: such a beautiful colour combination. This combination is perfect is you want to keep the room feminine, but don’t want to make the room a typical white and blush. Navy blue in this case would be a great colour for an accent wall colour.

Blue and Yellow: Combining yellow and a dark blue makes the room look mature and more serious and lets the yellow add a pop of colour. Combining yellow and a lighter blue shade makes the room look more light and calm and is a great idea for a room by the beach to match the surrounding its in.

3. Know where you are adding the colour

If you already have an idea of where you want to paint your chosen colour, then that’s great! If you are still unsure though and are still deciding where to paint your colour to include it in your home, we have some ideas and inspiration for you down below!

Accent Wall: The simplest way to include blue or any colour into a room. If you want the room to really pop, paint one of the walls in the room that colour! A good idea would be painting the wall that is facing the door that specific colour. This will bring the attention to the wall and make it pop more.

Island: Plan to renovate the kitchen and want to add some colour? Go for the island if you have one! Since the island is usually the centre of attention in the kitchen, this will bring all the focus on the colour and will make it pop.

The Front door: This may seem a little crazy and out there at first, but it will sure bring the attention to the entrance. This will also make your home a more modern and trendy place.

The Railings: Painting the railings in your home, means that it won’t stand out too much but will still bring attention to the colour

Now that you have chosen your colour, found your color match and decided where it is in your home that you want to include that colour, leave it up to to do the rest for you! Hire professional painters in your area and let them do the painting for you! If you are a professional yourself, make sure to register at to find new job opportunities!