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The power of the Share button

by HappyAnt on
The power of the Share button

As a professional have you ever wondered “What should I do to increase my chances of finding more clients?” If yes, then you’ve definitely read or heard advice from marketers that an advertising agency is your only solution.

Advertising is a long and very expensive process. With various types of advertisement available on the market, the most common and traditional method is through mass media. We won’t delve deep into all the pros and cons of this means of advertisement; thousands of articles have already been written on this topic. However, we will mention one significant advantage: unlimited audience. It is precisely the popularity and audience-reach of this means that set the standard prices for this service.

One would think that advertising is essential and a professional simply must pay sky-high prices to increase his visibility on the market. Unfortunately, not every business can afford this. We would like to show you one of the simplest ways of self-advertisement that will not only save you time and money, but also plays a key effective role in mass media. Yes, that’s right! We are talking about ‘SHARE and TWEET’. Surely we don’t have to explain what Share and Tweet is. But this accessible, free and simple means of sharing certain information is probably one of the most important means of advertisements.

mastering the world of advertisement

The majority of brands that are mastering the world of advertisement recognize the power of the Share button. As surprising as it may seem, this simple method can help you achieve incredible results. We have implemented this opportunity in our project so that an unlimited number of users - your potential clients - can hear about you.

All you will need is to set up your professional account and fill it in as much as you can. It is just as important to show your mastery of skills to your clients, such as your work experiences and portfolios, as well as licenses and insurances that may be necessary in your profession. This will shape your image in an Internet project. Then all that’s left to do is enter your Pro profile and click the button of the social network that you already have an account with. Your professional profile is like your calling card; it will be available in cyberspace within seconds.

In addition, this function is just as useful for a standard user who is looking for a contractor.

This is due to the fact that it doesn’t matter what information you want to share with the world when you press the Share button. Whether it is a photograph or a blog article, you can spread the word within seconds. This is why the Share button was also installed on your ad page. Once you correctly complete your JOB OFFER (How to Post a Job), you can share it on social networks. In order for your advertisement to stand out from your competitors’, we advise you to upload relevant images to make it easier for your future contractor to know what they will be dealing with.

To sum up: It doesn’t matter who you are: A professional seeking clients, or someone looking for a contractor. Both parties are in need of good advertisement.

So what are you waiting for? Do it now! Start promoting your business with! It’s absolutely free and won’t take long to complete.

We wish you all the success!

Your HappyAnt