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Tips on How to Organize a Small Room

by HappyAnt on

How to Decorate a Small Room

If you have a small room, but just don’t know how you can make the most of the space and organize, we’ve got some tips for you.

1. Keep the floor Clean!!

One of our biggest tips for you is making sure the floor is clean and free of clothes, garbage, and other random stuff will make the room seem bigger. The more stuff piles up, the harder it gets to clean. So make sure to do a daily clean to make sure cleaning for hours will not be a worry for you.

2. Lighting is key!

The brighter, the better. If you don’t have a lot of windows in the room, consider getting more lighting. For example, try changing the lighting from yellow to white light. White light makes everything nice and bright which makes the room look bigger. Try to get as much natural light though.

3. Try to stick to a colour scheme

Make your favourite colour a part of your life! Try to shoot for the more lighter colours, but combining darker colours with lighter colours could also work. The lighter the room is, the bigger and brighter it seems.

4. Mirrors are your best friend

If your room does not have much natural light, and you are not desiring to change your lighting or add any extra lighting to the room, add mirrors!!! Even the small mirrors that you can hang up on your wall can make a big difference! It doesn’t mean you have to put mirrors up on every wall, but mirrors reflect light which makes the room seem brighter.

5. Don’t exaggerate with furniture

Having a minimal amount of furniture can be the best option in a small room. Don’t overcrowd the room with furniture that is just filling up the space. Get smaller furniture that I actually essential for you. In some cases, you can make a shelf, a sitting area by laying it down on the ground and pushing it up against the wall. That way you have yourself a sitting space and a way to store things inside the open spaces. If you have a king or queen sized bed in a smaller room, you may want to consider getting a new bed. Try getting a fold out couch bed! This will ensure to utilize space and make the room look bigger as you are using up less floor space.

6. Use bins for storage

If you have a shelf in your small room, find bins that will suit that style and size and use them for storage! This will also make the room look much nicer since the stuff is being stored inside of the boxes and not out in the open. You can also decide on different colours of bins to give some taste to your room.

Now that you know how to organize and make a small room look much nicer and less crowded, you are ready to make some changes! If you plan on painting, find the best professional painter in your area, if you plan on putting in new flooring, find the best professional floorer in your area! Any job you want done professionally, can be done through! Find a professional, or be the professional!