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Top 10 Best Garden Vegetables

by HappyAnt on

Here are top 10 best veggies to grow in your backyard:

1. Carrots: This vegetable prefers sandy, light soils and ideal to grow in full sun, even if they stand light shade.


2. Cucumbers: These are tender and warm season veggies that need full sun. Plant cucumber seeds when all risk from ice has passed as well as the soil warmed up. You just need a couple of seeds t plant in order to get lots of cucumbers. In a small space cucumbers could be trained to grow upright on a grille. Also there are dwarf varieties for cultivating in containers.


3. Green Beans: This is one of the simplest veggies to grow. Green beans are extremely prolific. This vegetable doesn’t tolerate cooler temperature, most essentially once the soil is wet. Bush types don’t need staking, however pole kinds need support.

Green Beans

4. Salad Greens and Lettuce: Salad greens and lettuce or popularly known as mesclun are cool-season vegetables which perform best once planted in early fall or in the spring. Plant mesclun and lettuce every 2 weeks for an invariable harvest all through the season.

Salad Greens and Lettuce

5. Onions: This could be full-grown from seed, however because of the long growing period needed, a lot of gardeners plant sets or a small bulblets. Onions prefer a properly drained soil with lots of compost and rotted manure added



6. Peas: Considered as the earliest producers. Sow seed near the beginning of spring when you could work the soil. Soil moisture is very important for peas. A snap pea has tender pod which you eat together with the young peas inside.

Green Peas

7. Peppers: This need a long growing period. Instead of planting seeds, you can plant seedling in order to provide peppers sufficient time to grown up before frost. Peppers love heat, therefore you need to wait until soil become warm prior to planting. You can fertilize your peppers using a low nitrogen fertilizer. Avoid too much nitrogen as it can lead to foliage. Provide moisture, most essentially during flowering and once the fruit sets in. Utilize black plastic to attract hot and heat water, and avoid weeds.

Red and Green Peppers

8. Radishes: Labelled as the easiest veggies to grow, radishes are cool-season crop that are ideal to plan near the beginning of spring as well as early fall. The fact this type of veggies germinate fast, they are frequently planted together with other longer seeds that germinates in order to mark the rows.


9. Tomatoes: This is the most popular veggie grown in backyard. There are lots of kinds of tomatoes ideal for planning in your yard and in containers. They tolerate heat and so simple to grow with enough sunlight and moisture.


10. Zucchini: This is an extremely productive summer squash. You only require 1 or 2 plants to bumper crop. Zucchini seeds don’t germinate in cold soil, so make that oil is 21 to 27 degree Celsius warmer. Even and enough soil moisture is extremely essential. This type of garden vegetables gains from mild feedings with fertilizers abundant phosphorous to begin fruit formation.

Zucchini wish you all the best and good success for growing the most popular vegetables!