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Top 10 Spring Activities

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Top 10 Spring Activities

Spring signals the beginning of renewal after the winter months in the city. The mild temperatures in the lower mainland spare many residents the fury of the snowy season, but the first signs of spring are always eagerly awaited as the rainy, cold and overcast weather can be in itself a wintry experience. Here, you will learn and know the top 10 spring activities.

1. Beach Relaxation- Halifax or Vancouver may not be as sizzling during the spring months as it is in the summer, but visitors can still experience highs of around 20 degrees Celsius during the month of April and May. An average of 9 hours sunshine a day makes a very enjoyable trip to the beach.

Top 10 Spring Activities

2. Easter Celebrations- Easter is celebrated accordingly with parades and festivals in many of the cities and towns. There is plenty going on over the Easter period, from the annual processions through the city center, to Easter Sunday mass at the city’s church.

Easter Eggs

3. Hiking- Spring is the perfect time for hikers to discover the real and revealing beauty of nature. Planning a hiking trip together with your loved and close friends is an ideal choice that everyone would surely love.


4. Cycling- If you are a fan of cycling then Vancouver area is a great place to go for an active biking holiday. Its varied terrain makes it perfect for cyclists of all abilities and enthusiasts will be in good company, as Vancouver area is where the professionals choose to do their training over the spring and winter months. Pleasant temperatures during this time complete the picture for the ideal cycling holiday.


5. Gardening- Spring gardening connects healthy living, productivity, fun and exercise all together. Planting a garden requires simply a sunny spot in your backyard, a few seeds or seedlings and some old-fashioned gumption.


6. Crafting- Though creating a craft or art project will not necessarily work you into shape, a creative, crafty spring project is a fun way to work out a positive mindset and to generate an overall feeling of healthy wellness.


7. Spring Cleaning- Throwing out old junk, holding a spring yard sale or donating to charity are all great ways to both exercise and begin organizing your home. Once you have de-cluttered, start deep cleaning, throughout the house to achieve a little more healthy exercise with an end result that is fabulous.

Spring Cleaning

8. Walking- When the weather turns warm and you start to see those first hints of spring, take a fun walk to enjoy the beautiful spring evening or morning. Walking is great for your health, a nice long morning walk is a healthy and fun way to start a spring day and to enjoy the weather before going to work.


9. Visit the Zoo- If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can visit the nearest zoo in your area.


10. Plant trees- Planting trees can be enjoyable and fun. You can ask your kids to water the plants by simply using a small water can.

Plant trees on Hand

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