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What kind of nails do you use?

by HappyAnt on

What kind of nails do you use?


Nails, the most common types of fasteners and one of the vital materials used mainly for construction jobs are required to provide extra bond and strength to other construction materials. Nails are actually for general use and these are available in different sizes, types and thickness. If the material’s thickness will allow it, individuals can choose nails that are at least 3 times longer than depth of thinner material that is being nailed.

Traditional nails, specialty nails and brads are especially designed for particular tasks and finishes and these nails are made on sizes that are most suitable for this particular purpose. Different tools and techniques are used by individuals when designing nails for home improvement projects. Majority of nails are hammered in though where woods are likely to split or close to the edge, individuals might sometimes need to drill pilot hole a bit smaller than the nail’s diameter.

Almost everybody has gone into the nearest hardware shops on their locality to purchase steel or copper nails but only few has the right knowledge on choosing the right nail as well as designing nails. Keep in mind that choosing the wrong nails for home improvement projects can pose negative effects or disadvantages.

Learn More about the Different Types of Nails for Home Improvement

Before you can end up with the right types of nails required by your home improvement projects or before you can fully understand what designing nails is really all about, you first need to be familiar about the common types of nails used in construction jobs. These include the following:

Box Nails

These types of nails are just like the ordinary nails however have more slender head and shank. It doesn't contain full head like different nails. These types of nails are fundamentally utilized as a part of wooden ventures. It is anything but difficult to utilize however don't have much holding capacity like different nails.

Finish Nails

From the name itself, one can comprehend the sort of nail this is. These nails have full and thin head, which conceals within hammering surface. Subsequent to pounding, individuals barely can notice these nail heads. You can utilize them on wooden surfaces or use them on projects where you don't need heads to be highly apparent. These nails are accessible as steel nails, copper nails and other material nails.


Brad is precisely like finish nails yet with some distinction: It comprises of the adjusted or rounded head rather than the flathead. These nails are mainly utilized as parts of wooden projects and the likes, as this is not actually made for hard materials. Nowadays, air compressor powered guns are utilized to drive them to surfaces, which gets rid of tilting impact.

Coil or Threaded Nails

These nails come with threads which help it to get incredible holding ability. These thread nails are not pounded with a hammer, rather utilized some special machines to fit as part of the projects. In most homes, the threaded nails are generally used to hang light things into the dividers or walls. These got better grasp because of the coils or threads as compared to other different nails.

Galvanized Nails

These types of nails have bigger heads as compared into other types of nails and are mainly utilized as a part of roofing projects. Galvanized nails are excellently coated to avoid rusting. In this manner, it is best to be utilized on the roof. Majority of galvanized nails are favored for such roofing projects.

Masonry Nails

Masonry nails are very substantial in size and are heavier to withstand loads. Construction individuals utilized this kind of nails to effectively hold any sort of load in the course of building a home. These nails require hammer in order to fit on walls or surfaces. These nails are generally comprised of steel material that counteracts rusting. They have better load bearing limit because of which it doesn't fail when hammered.

Now that you have learn all these, you might now be more familiar on critical sorts of nails accessible in the market. There might be more sorts of nails available however the ones previously mentioned are best utilized for home improvements. Thus, you are still free to choose the right nails required by your projects.

When it comes to designing nails, there are actually many different tools and methods used to design and fabricate these nails in order to suit particular projects. Designs vary depending on factors like shape and special additions are also being carried out to improve the nails as well as the machinability.

Now that you know more about how nails are designed and done and can efficiently define the right nail job, you can now put on a price or wait for ideal offers on HappyAnt. Feel free to visit for more information.