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If you’re here, you must be interested what our service costs. We have good news for you: here you won’t find any high prices, hidden interests, and sky-high sums of money for strange services. We’ve done our best to make our system transparent to be completely honest with our clients and we succeeded in this. It’s crucial to us that you feel maximally comfortable from the very first minute of being a part of our project. Our fees were calculated in such a way that the work of each and every professional would be of the highest quality and fairly paid.

If you are a Customer and hire a Professional in our project, our services are free to you. You negotiate the payment with the employee by yourself and pay for their services separately.

If you are a Professional/Service provider and offer your services, you pay* for our services in the following way:

Contract value The percentage of contract value you pay “HappyAnt”
From 10.01 CAN $ to 1.000 CAN $ 6% (min. 2,50 CAN $)
From 1.000,01 CAN $ to 20.000 CAN $ 5%
From 20.000,01 CAN $ to 99.000 CAN $ 4%
From 99.000,01 CAN $ 3%

On the first day of each month YOU, as a Professional/Service provider, receive a consolidated invoice to the email address that you wrote when signing up where all the contracts that you signed during the last month
(from 1st to 31st) are listed.

You can pay for our services quickly and in a convenient way for you through the system STRIPE

(you can read about STRIPE in more detail here)

* if for any reason your contract gets cancelled, you can contact or support team to help you return your paid fees