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How to post a Job on

Posting a “job offer” in HappyAnt project is very easy and it will not take much of your time.

So, to make your advertisement more appealing and successful, we advise you to follow some very simple but, at the same time, important steps:

1. “Describe job briefly”: Provide a short title describing work that you want to be done. This title will be seen in the list among other advertisements. Therefore, the title should name precisely what you need.

Creating a Job

2. “Describe the job you need done”: Here try to give the most detailed and accurate description of the task that must be performed by the professional. A thorough explanation will help professionals set the exact price for the future job.

Such details as size, weight, time and even location of the working facility can be very significant here. Specify what metric system you use for your data (Inches/Cm, Pounds/Kg...).

Do not forget to mention in the description if you already have construction materials and would definitely like the future professional to use them. Otherwise, the cost of all these materials can be included in Quote, sent to you by the professional.

Try not to leave out any significant details. This will not take long, but it will be of great importance both to you and to your professional.

Describing a Job

3. Attach photos/documents to your advertisement. A visual image of a prospective object of work will help the professional not only understand what he is going to deal with, but also price the future work more accurately. It will make auctioning easier and allow you to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Drop file to upload

4. Select the proper category relevant to your job type.


5. If you know the price that you are ready to pay to the professional for the completed work, set it.

Planned budget

6. Selecting the “Job start date”, you let the professional know the day from which he can start working at you object (Optional field). The date set in “Offer valid until” field determines how long your advertisement will be publically visible.

Job Duration

7. Choosing the location, you will help your professional determine how far your object is from his whereabouts, allowing him to charge for travel time more accurately, as well as to plan his schedule in advance in order to arrive at your place in time.


8. Have you left anything out? If not, then post your advertisement by clicking “POST a JOB” button! Your advert is on air now!

Post a Job

We wish you the best of luck!

If you still have any questions, you can find answers to most of them in FAQ section or contact the support service, and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

(POST a JOB on HappyAnt for free!)